1. New Year’s Resolution 2018

No.1 – save money, go green, get to know my neighbours

In 2018, would you like to do an audit of household bills, get to know your neighbours and green up your life, and save around £400 in the process?

There are many ways of saving money, including:

  • Reduce your phone bill
  • Search for cheaper alternatives at the supermarket
  • Use public transport
  • Install LED lights
  • Unplug all unused electronics

Ways of going green:

  1. Keep electronics out of the rubbish
  2. Buy smart
  3. Use less gas
  4. Don’t use bottled water
  5. Save energy, which saves money
  6. Hire a rubbish clearance company to recycle furniture

New Year’s Resolution 2018 No. 2 – Get fit

So you want to get fit, time to take up walking and cycling for short journeys.  Did you know those who cycle regularly have the fitness of someone 10 years younger?  See more information.

New Year’s Resolution 2016 No. 3 – Eat well

Many start January resolved to lose weight, drink less, or eat more healthily. Click here for diet plans.

Try our 7 guiding principles to sustainable and healthy, shopping, eating and cooking – good for you and the environment!

  1. Choose quality not quantity meat and dairy
  2. Grow your own and buy the rest from local producers
  3. Buy local, seasonal, environmentally friendly food
  4. Choose sustainable fish
  5. Choose Fair-trade
  6. Cook balanced meals from scratch
  7. Go zero waste