Here at Farnham Community, we have a lot of fun finding new hobbies and activities for those in the area to participate in.

Taking on new hobbies is a fantastic way to make friends with new people, explore exciting activities and learning something new. We take a lot at the excitement of airsoft, what is it, and why it’s one of the most popular combat sports in the world!

Just what is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a unique combat sport that originated from Japan in the 1980s. Unlike paintball, airsoft focuses more on the realism aspect and aims to deliver an authentic experience of a real-life close-quarter combat situation. Read more its history.

When we say realism and authenticity, we really mean it! Brands across the world pride themselves in designing and manufacturing realistic-looking weapon for airsoft players, such as companies like King Arms.

So do Airsoft Guns Hurt?

When it comes to participating in an Airsoft skirmish, especially for the first time, always prompts the question of does an airsoft gun hurt?

An airsoft gun is usually gas-powered and fires plastic pellets, commonly known as BBs. They are shot at a high speed that generates enough power to be felt by someone being shot at, but slow enough that no serious injury is ever caused.

How does an Airsoft Skirmish Work?

Unlike paintballing or laser tag, airsoft fully focuses on realism. This means that when playing with others, military tactics, communication and teamwork are the main focus during skirmishes.

There are a number of sites that offer open day visits for keen airsoft players. An airsoft skirmish focuses on a game mode, such as team death match.

Skirmishes use an honour system, in where players indicate when they’ve been hit, which means they’ll have to be revived before rejoining the game. Find out more about airsoft events near you.